Share your Story on Architecture with AiD


We know it takes a huge effort to find the right community projects to contribute your talents and skills, or to acquire the right resources and expertise to secure your project development.

We want AiD to serve you in participating in/ or realising architecture initiatives that impact communities and societies around the world. The future AiD will not only feature opportunities – we also want it to become a meeting place with a welcoming community.

But…we can not create this welcoming place without you. We need you and your stories to inspire other like-minded people!! This is why we are inviting you to share your story: tell us what drives you to participate in architectural projects that impact communities.

If your story inspires us, it will be featured on our social media (and in our future AiD platform). And…you might be invited for a personal interview, and receive a book from our personal collection!

Walter van Teeffelen

About Walter van Teeffelen

Walter van Teeffelen woont sinds 1981 in Den Haag en houdt zich als Hoofdredacteur van met meerdere zaken bezig. Hij heeft veel ervaring met het schrijven van artikelen en andere stukken over internationaal zaken doen. Met een achtergrond van (culturele) Fondsenwerving is Walter een enorme aanwinst voor


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