Come celebrate Impact Hub’s 10-year anniversary | 22 June



Join Impact Hub to celebrate our 10 years of impactmaking in Amsterdam and the world with a full-day experience driven by their members. This is your chance to find out how our unique ecosystem of entrepreneurs, investors, corporates, techies and creatives makes impact every day. 

Impact Hub: “And we have been making it for 10 years, which calls for an open house celebration that includes sessions with entrepreneur-investor duos collaborating on circularity, fashion, food and inclusion | inspiring talks on sustainability trends | business growth workshops | startup tours and more!

Silvia ten Houten
“At Impact Hub we believe that failure and experimentation are essential to developing innovative businesses that make real impact. So we invited Silvia ten Houten, GoodHout | Arno Kooy, De Prael | Michel Visser, Konnektid to share stories of their challenges, experiments, blunders and, of course, what they learned along the way.”

Silvia will take the visitors along her journey of looking for a co-founder and assembling a strong team that shares her passion. Arno will talk about having to rename his company and why the new name embodies De Prael’s mission. Michiel will share lessons from building a sharing marketplace.


Walter van Teeffelen

About Walter van Teeffelen

Walter van Teeffelen woont sinds 1981 in Den Haag en houdt zich als Hoofdredacteur van met meerdere zaken bezig. Hij heeft veel ervaring met het schrijven van artikelen en andere stukken over internationaal zaken doen. Met een achtergrond van (culturele) Fondsenwerving is Walter een enorme aanwinst voor


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